Friday, May 28, 2010

Interview Tips and the benefits of working with an Agency

Preparation is key:

Know everything you can about the industry. Find out as much as you can about the position, the company and its needs.

Know your skill sets and how they relate to the opening.

First Impression:

1) The first few minutes are important. Project enthusiasm, show confidence and competence.
2) Be on time! Allow extra time for traffic and parking.
3) Dress appropriately, your attire must fit well with the office.

More tips:
Turn off your cell phone
Have good eye contact
Bring extra resumes
Bring a notepad
Don't make jokes
Don't badmouth your old job or ex-boss

Benefits of working with a Recruiter

1) Bottomline, Recruiters have a deep network of business contacts within many companies and industries.
2) They know of vacancies and openings that has not been advertised or announced.
3) They can serve as career advisers, Most recruiters are experts in a particular field or industry, IT/Engineering(my specialty), Accounting and Administrative.
4) In most cases you can be totally honest about your background and experience with the recruiter, they need to know everything about you professional life so they can find the right position for you.

And, ITS A FREE SERVICE!, the companies(their client) gets charged, not you.


Mark Sandy
Recruitment Specialist and Business Developer
Long Island, NY